You ARE a Theologian, Like it or not.

Theology Does Matter!

Theology is a Greek word made up of two words, 'Theos' (God)"  and "Ology" (The study of.) It is  the study of God!

You may not know it, but everyone is a theologian.  You may not think so, but just about everything you do is linked to what you think about God.  "I don't think about God" you say?  that gives an inkling into what your theology is.  It is no more less thought out than the one who builds his whole life around God, because you do as well.  No God?; no rules.  You can do whatever you want without fear of retribution.  No eternal judgement.  Don't worry about paying taxes or obeying the speed limit;  no God, no limits.  And that pretty girl, well...?  What about her husband!

On the other hand, if you strictly follow the speed limit, pay your taxes early and are faithful to your spouse, chances are very good tht you realize there are standards and rules.

There are standards and rules for everyone to follow, the question is where do they come from?  Who established them?  Is it a deity of some sort,  or did you replace them in the roll of leadership of your life?I  It doesn't matter if "God said..." or "Momma said..." or  "I jest figgered...", everything you have decided to do or set your life upon comes from some place and shows the place you put God in the panoply of importance in your life,

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